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Introducing the 2020 VibroAcoustic Leg Wedge

The Healing Experience Lab 2020 VibroAcoustic Leg Wedge is an excellent tool for therapy, entertainment, and expansion of consciousness.  Learn more about vibroacoustic therapy on the wikipedia page

The pillow has the following fe​atures:

  • Fully wireless - battery powered and bluetooth enabled.
  • 200w fan cooled amplifier paired with Four transducers for a deep vibrational experience.
  • Two machine washable pillow covers
  • Memory foam top with high density foam body for excellent comfort and durability.
  • Includes access to a set of vibroacoustic therapy programs.

Rent a VibroAcoustic Pillow for $40/mo

If you don't love the pillow, just return it.  If you keep it for 10 months, you can buy it for $1.

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